Anne Koch

Certified Translator for German, English and Arabic

and Technical Writer

Sworn court translator
Niederauer Str. 12, 01127 Dresden
ak ‹ат›

Translations into German, English and Arabic

I translate technical texts, manuals, contracts and other types of text from English or Arabic into German and from German into English or Arabic.

Depending on the translation project, I align the translation closely with the original text or adapt it to the requirements of the target culture. These adaptations are particularly necessary for translations into Arabic.

Fields of expertise: IT, paper & printing technology, mechanical engineering and horse keeping and equestrian tack and equipment

Information technology, paper & printing technology, mechanical engineering and horses and equestrian tack and equipment are the fields in which I specialise.

As I devote a great deal of time to studying these fields, have been gathering experience as a technical translator in said fields since 2005 and constantly undertake continuous further development, I can guarantee the outstanding quality of my translations.

Certified translations for presentation to authorities

If authorities, government agencies or courts require a certified translation from you, said translation will need to be performed by a sworn translator who certifies the completeness and correctness of the translation by means of an official stamp.

I am registered as a sworn translator for Arabic into German, German into Arabic, English into German and German into English at the Higher Regional Court of Dresden and am therefore authorised to perform certified translations for presentation to authorities.

Translation Memory Systems and Terminology consultation and training

Translation Memory Systems (TMS) and a systematic use of your corporate technical language (terminology) lead to increased comprehensibility of your technical documentation and result in time and cost savings during the preparation and translation of texts with similar contents.

If you’re not yet using TMS and terminology management systems, I’ll be glad to present various systems to you and to advise you on their possible applications.

Please tell me your translation or consultation needs and I'll make you an offer.

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