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Certified Translator for German, English and Arabic

and Technical Writer

Sworn court translator
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Translation Memory Systems

Translation memory systems store the original and the translation of all sentences in any text requiring translation. Should the same sentence or similar sentences occur in a subsequent translation, the TMS offers the stored version as a suggested translation. This technology offers numerous advantages, such as time savings due to the re-use of previously translated texts, increased uniformity and consistency of the translated texts and, last but not least, cost savings due to discounts for repetitions.

Please let me know if you’re already using a TMS, so that we can discuss the handling of terminology, fuzzy matches and post-translation adaptations, as well as implement quality processes to make the best of our translation memories.

If you’re not yet using a TMS, I’ll be glad to advise you on the implementation of a TMS.

Do you want to buy your own TMS?

I can help you select the software system that perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

Do you want to outsource the complete translation process?

I’ll be glad to advise you on various possibilities using a TMS of simplifying your translation outsourcing.

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