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Terminology means the entirety of all terms (technical terms, words or designations) in any specific subject field. Many technical fields develop their own language usage which, however, is often quite unsystematic and random.

The purpose of the discipline of terminology is to record such terms in a systematic and efficiently usable way. This is accomplished by filling lists or databases with permitted and banned words and additional information, such as definitions, fields of use, useful images and sources.

The advantage of a company terminology is the clarity and comprehensibility of texts prepared with such terminology. It also leads to time and cost savings in translations, as your in-house translators can use such terminology.

Terminology work includes:

  • Gathering of terms
  • Listing and categorisation of terms in tables or databases
  • Active use of terms by authors and translators
  • Continuous data management, as well as inclusion and translation of new terms

My Services for You:

Tu ensure a successful terminology implementation in your company, our first step is to determine your corporate terminology requirements. This includes deciding on the terms to be recorded and drafting the strategy for terminology work.

The selection of terms and management of data can be performed internally or externally, either as one separate project or continuously alongside the normal translation process.

The existing terminology may be gathered by one or more translators during the normal course of their work. In this case, the corporate terminology contains the terms included in your translations and the database thus grows gradually with each translation.

Another possibility is to engage a translator or a terminologist with the specific task of collecting the corporate terminology. I specialise in terminology work and will be glad to collect your corporate terminology for you.

I'll advise you on various terminology systems, ranging from simple Excel lists to comprehensive terminology management software.

The type of terminology management system you choose depends for example on the number of people working with the database, the number of terms to be managed and the number of languages to be recorded.

Once we’ve decided on the right terminology management system for your company, I’ll train your employees to be able to enter terms into the database. In this context, we’ll also determine the person(s) to manage the terminology and to enter translations into the system from then on.

Please share your wishes and ideas with me, to enable us to work together in finding the most suitable solution for your company.

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